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The objectives for which the society “Taj Lok Kaliyan Sanstha” is established, which are not for the purpose of profit but for the purpose of well being of all sections of community and advancement of any philanthropy for the development of education, environment, health,livelihoods or any objects for the benefit of poor and general public care .

Executive Board -
Mrs. Saira Bano - Chairperson
Mrs. Parvin Warsi - Vice - Chairperson
Mr. Iliyas Shaikh - Secretary
Mr.Jamir Khan - Joint Secretary
Mr. R. M. Qureshi - Treasurer
Mr. Vishal Sharma - Executive Member
Mr. Vinod Mathur - Executive Member

Membership of our Society shall be open to all adult citizens of India without any distinction. The Executive Committee may admit a person after his submitting the application for Membership in the prescribed form. The executive Committee has the right to reject any application, or expel any member if in its considered view that admission / membership of such a person is likely to affect the purpose, aims and objectives of the Association.

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